Bet Online or Offline? Here are the Pros and Cons of Both

Bet Online or Offline? Here are the Pros and Cons of Both

At a Glance Online Betting Offline Betting
Pros 1. Convenience 1. First-hand experience
2. Budget-friendly 2. Energetic and inspiring atmosphere
3. Options 3. A place to wind down
4. Privacy and security 4. Amenities
5. Bonuses and rewards 5. Rewards system
6. Better odds and lines 6. Instant paycheck
7. Free games to try
Cons 1. Addiction 1. Inconvenience
2. Fraudulent operators 2. Lack of options
3. Transaction fees 3. Noisy, pressure and a lack of privacy and security
4. Legal and regulatory issues 4. Fewer bonuses and rewards

Deciding on whether wagering online or offline is a better option than the other has been a topic of debate amongst bettors time and again.

On the surface level, we know that one option offers a web-based experience; while the other tangible one. But what are the other differences between betting online and in a physical location that leads to bettors believing that one is better than the other?

In this article, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Online Betting

Online gambling came to the scene in the mid-1990s. For it to work, there must be online casinos – platforms/websites that host all of the games with which you can play against other players or the casino. i8 Online Casino Malaysia is an example.

You only need an internet connection to join an online casino. Once you register for an account, you will discover a vast collection of online casino games, such as slot games, table games, E-sports betting and more.

To date, about 17% of the population gambles online, this total RM30, 012,379 in revenue for the online market alone.

Advantages of Online Betting

Advantages of Online Betting

The points covered in this section of the article are by no means extensive. However, if you want to give online betting a go or convince your family and friends to join, these should do the trick.

• Convenience

Online casinos operate 24/7 and are accessible via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. That said, you can get into action even at odd hours without leaving the house, play anywhere in the world, skip the queue and crowd, or even be naked as you gamble your way to riches!

• Budget-friendly

You do not need to have a big budget to start. With online casinos, you can deposit as little as RM10. For high rollers, they can deposit as much as several thousand.

Bettors are also in charge of how much they want to bet because online casinos offer a wide range of stakes. In a traditional casino, the limit is much smaller, so as a result, bettors have to either play for stakes higher or lower than they would like.

Good to know:

If you find yourself struggling to control your budget, most (if not all) online casinos will help you set up a betting limit or execute abstinence for a certain amount of days; one of their responsible gambling initiatives.

• Options

Because all activities take place on the web, online casino developers can incorporate or create new games and varieties and get them up and running in no time, at lower costs too.

The best part is that bettors can access these games without waiting in a queue or going to different venues.

Slot games, live casino games, sports betting, E-sports betting and lottery are the most popular types of online gambling.

• Privacy and security

Some bettors are not comfortable playing in the company of others. With online casino sites, prying eyes or fear of being judged are no longer a thing of worry.

Security is also not an issue, provided you sign up with a reputable and reliable online casino. Your personal data and funds are well protected and encrypted.

Good to know:

To know whether an online casino is secure or not, search for the padlock icon on the URL bar. It will appear right before the link.

In addition, a legitimate online casino is licensed and regulated. That means they have standards to meet and rules to adhere to as an operation.

Not all online casino betting sites you come across on the internet is 100% genuine, though. But the bad ones are easy to spot. So, before you register to become a member, make sure to do plenty of research!

• Bonuses and rewards

The online casino industry is a vying one. So, to stand out and make YOU their customer, these betting sites compete and frequently offer exciting bonuses and rewards to attract YOU and other new customers. The reason behind this is simple – the more customers they have, the more money they make.

Welcome bonuses are the most common. Although they are not 100% free because they come with terms and conditions and require bettors to deposit in advance, they are still a beneficial perk to have!

Other than regular bonuses, you can also expect these advantages:

  1. a) Cashback: Getting the money you have lost back.
  2. b) Rewards based on your wagering activity: Receiving a reward (monetary or non-monetary item).
  3. c) VIP Club: Your membership gets upgraded when you achieve requisite conditions, e.g. accumulate RM10,000 rollover in five months. The higher your membership, the more perks you can enjoy, such as enhanced odds and bonuses, leniency for deposit or withdrawal, birthday bonus, exclusive customer service and more.

• Better odds and lines

Online casinos offer an extensive range of events, leagues and competitions. Its physical counterpart only allows players to choose from the markets it provides. Therefore, you get better odds and lines gambling online.

Odds are the probability of an event to happen. The better the odds, the bigger the potential returns.

Since different online casinos offer competitive odds on varying markets, you can always shop for odds until you find one that maximizes your profit.

• Free games to try

Yes! Most online casinos offer free games, alternatively known as demo games. This way, bettors can enjoy for free without investing in real money.

Disadvantages of Online Betting

As the old saying goes, nothing is perfect. Here are some disadvantages of online gambling.

  • Addiction
    Yes, online casinos are convenient, and we love that for it, but because it is so accessible, it is easy for bettors to develop an addiction.

Some bettors are capable of controlling the amount of time and money they spend on gambling online. But others might struggle and get carried away.

It is vital to keep track of your habits, maintain self-discipline, and gamble mindfully. Gambling addiction is not a light matter, and its consequences can be dire. i8 supports responsible gaming!

  • Fraudulent operators
    Bettors get put off from trying online gambling out of fear that these deceitful operators will swindle their hard-earned money.

It is impossible to eradicate unethical and deceitful online gambling operators, but the good thing is, they are plain to see. For instance, the grammar on the website is error-prone, it has no customer support team, and it does not display its license or terms and conditions.

• Transaction fees

Gambling sites typically do not charge transaction fees when you make deposits or withdrawals. However, a local bank transfer might. Although the amount is minimal, it can accumulate over time.

• Legal and regulatory issues

With Islam being the main religion in Malaysia, activities such as gambling (online or offline) are considered haram or forbidden. On that note, it is difficult to find an online betting platform that is legal and allows players from Malaysia.

If caught by the authorities, the operators and players can be convicted. Again, this can deter players from joining. That is why players need to be careful when selecting a platform. i8 is one of the very few online casinos that welcome local players.

Offline Betting

Offline betting happens in a land-based casino like Casino Genting or Sky Casino. Much like online betting, this traditional manner of gambling has its unique attributes and drawbacks as well.

Offline Betting

Advantages of Offline Betting

If you like hands-on experience, offline betting might be the missing piece that will complete you.

• First-hand experience

Technology, no matter how advanced, will never give you the satisfaction of being able to touch all of the fun paraphernalia in a brick and mortar casino.

When you pull the lever of a slot game machine or touch your cards and chips when you play Blackjack – these are the little things that enhance your gaming experience.

• Energetic and inspiring atmosphere

Again, even with advanced technologies or tools, some things that online casinos advocate to emulate the lively atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino, there is no denying that gambling through a screen merely does not feel as gratifying.

A land-based casino is where you get to meet other like-minded bettors and socialize with them. If you are taking a break from the action, watch others play!

Not forgetting the cordial staff, drinks and sounds of revelry; a casino is a place to let loose!

• A place to wind down

Speaking of a place to let loose, a land-based casino is a world of its own, as if entering Alice in Wonderland.

The luxurious and expansive interior, funfair-like tunes, bright lights and more will make bettors forget the outside world for as long as they are in there.

Land-based casinos are a nice place to visit, even if you do not intend to gamble.

• Amenities

In addition to gambling, you can bask in all sorts of amenities.

Take Genting as an example. Other than visiting the casinos, you can dine at high-end restaurants, some of which are only available overseas. After a good meal, bettors can chill and have wine by the bar. Fashionistas can shop for designer brands at several premium outlets. Bettors can check in to hotels and stay for the night. For those seeking adventures, a theme park with a wide variety of rides and games are available. In certain months, there will be live performances and concerts held too!

• Rewards system

Bettors can accumulate points when they gamble and upgrade to a higher membership tier.

For instance, a Platinum member at the Genting SkyCasino gets to game in private rooms equipped with a personal host.

Other exclusive services are such as private dining spaces with extended premium cigars and wines.

The rewards system make bettors feel appreciated and brings about an exciting and memorable gambling experience.

• Instant paycheck

Although some online casinos in Malaysia claim to provide an instant paycheck, that is not entirely true because banks need time to process the transactions.

But, if you gamble at a traditional casino, you can claim your cash immediately by redeeming your chips or tickets. No doubt receiving your money instantly after a game is more satisfying.

Disadvantages of Offline Betting

An advantage for online gambling could be a con for casino gambling. Here is why.

• Inconvenience

Unless you live nearby, travelling to a casino can be costly. The expenses may include petrol, food, accommodation, and your time.

Having an excursion once in a while is nice, but if you are a keen bettor, a physical casino may not be budget-friendly, and you could potentially end up spending more than you win.

• Lack of options

A land-based casino has overhead costs to cover. Plus, with limited space, casinos cannot purchase new machines and games conveniently. As a result, players are limited to the games that they have.

• Noisy, pressure and a lack of privacy and security

The flip side of dwelling in an atmosphere like that of a physical casino is noise. Whether it is socializing, celebrating because of a win or making a fuss because of a loss, loud noises are inevitable in a land-based casino.

Onlookers can observe your game because the floor is an open area. Apart from that, each action and game is timed. These create unnecessary pressure since you cannot play at your own pace or take the time to familiarize yourself with the protocol.

Winning is good news, but to cash out and carry it around with you can be dangerous!

• Fewer bonuses and rewards

Unless you sign up as a casino member, otherwise you are essentially forking out your own money with no additional aid to gamble.

Online casinos offer a variety of bonuses that cater to both new and existing members. To an extent, these fringe benefits help bettors stand better chances of winning. Let us not forget how traditional casinos do not offer free tryouts!

Deciding on Online Betting or Offline Betting

After learning the pros and cons of betting in online casinos in Malaysia and its conventional equivalent, which one do you think is a better option?

Both are great options! In the end, it boils down to what you prefer and can afford. If you are a novice with a small budget, gambling online is a more sound decision. You can benefit from the free games, bonuses and learn in your own time.

Once you get more comfortable and better at the games, consider visiting an actual casino as it is good exposure.

No matter the decision, always practice mindful and responsible gambling. Most importantly, have fun. Gambling is a fun activity meant to be enjoyed! With the help of our i8 Scale of Auspiciousness, which we have taken reference from Property Guru, these are the five zodiac signs that will be in for a good financial year in 2022.

A Guide To Online Gambling—All You Need To Know To Win

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