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Live Casino Malaysia is working on meeting every player’s demand. To accomplish the goal, we offer live casino games as well as interesting slots. This time, we even cooperates with W88 to release a series of brand-new live casino games! Let’s follow us to experience these games with beautiful dealers!

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W88 Malaysia Online Betting Game-Room

There are a lot of game-room in the live casino game-room for members to choose from, including the “OPUS” game-room, the “Allbet” game-room, the “MG” game-room……and so on. Each game-room has its own characteristics and games, players can choose to play according to their betting habits! This article will introduce the relevant features of the “W88” game-room.


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Asia Online Casino W88 Game-room Features

In W88 live casino game-room, players can find not only diverse game types, but also playing methods like Super 98 Baccarat, Roulette and Fabulous 4 Baccarat, which are exclusively developed by W88. In Live Casino Game-room – W88, players can have all kinds of enjoyment in live casino games!

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W88 Online Casino Super 98 Baccarat info

The clear signs on the table make it easier for players to get a real-time result at a sight. The magnified cards also make players feel like virtually sitting and playing in a real casino. What’s more, every status will be notified verbally and described in words on the screen so that players can get into the situation quickly. Can’t wait to experience the super exciting Baccarat? Let’s go play Super 98 Baccarat!

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Online W88 Live Casino Roulette Introduction

The excitement grows as the roulette rotates. When it gets close to know the result, the screen will be zoomed in for players to see it more clearly. This thoughtful design gives players more sense of participation in the game.

iBET Online Casino – W88 Live Casino Intro

Online Betting W88 Baccarat – iSqueeze

In Baccarat – iSqueeze, player can take a peek at their card when a dealer deals you cards. This design increases the the fun of game and creates an exciting atmosphere, making players feel like playing baccarat in a real casino!

Online Betting W88 Baccarat iSqueeze
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